11 October 2016

My Aquafarm: an educational program about aquaponics for Sharjah Youth Centers kids

Eedama handled 4 series of 4 workshop for the children of Sharjah Youth Centers, in which they learned about Aquaponics and how the fishes depend on the plants to clean the water while the plants depend on the fishes to […]
11 October 2016

مزرعتي المائية: برنامج لتعليم الإستزراع النباتي السمكي في مراكز الفل في إمارة الشارقة

كما نفذت ورشة بعنوان “اكوابونيكس” ، لنشر الوعي البيئي لدى الأطفال في مجال الزراعة العضوية، وتعريفهم بمدى مساهمتها في حماية الموارد الطبيعية. والاستدامة، قدمها محمد جمعة من شركة إدامة ، شارحاً للأطفال عن نظام اكوابونيكس، وكيفية إتمام عملية الزراعة من […]
2 June 2016

Regent school students visit The Sustainable City

After a preparation that took some time (as you might remember), and despite the fact that the City is not yet fully functional, we took Year 4 students from Regent International School to The Sustainable City. They could see a […]
30 May 2016

An informative day: Reducing, reusing and recycling

Waste management is one of the most important environmental issues the world and its governments are facing. When it comes to people, many of us know that waste is a problem, but don’t have a clear idea of what to […]
17 May 2016

In a reed bed, you don’t sleep… you drink!

In a reed bed, you don’t sleep… you drink!   Water treatments ponds are a completely natural way of treating waste sewage water. Instead of going through physic-chemical filtering and reactions, the water goes through filtering through the roots of […]
6 May 2016

Organic plants that grow by fish… in the desert?

Aquaponics is the marriage of aquaculture and hydroponics. Hydroponics is the cultivation of plants with their roots immersing in water without soil. Aquaculture is the raising of aquatic animals such as fish, snails or prawns. This system can work at […]
29 April 2016

When kids’ eyes shine: A solar oven made from a pizza box

How to help kids understand the difference between fossil fuels and solar energy? Between Renewable and Non-Renewable energy? We already used a number of times the solar oven made from a pizza box experiment. So friends: How do you usually […]
25 April 2016

Aquaponics Workshop

Learn how to keep your basil and mint fresh and organic without having to water them! Do you know that you can have fishes feed your plants and plants clean your fishes’ water? This can happen thanks to aquaponics: the […]
5 April 2016

When Students Become Scientific Journalists – Quand les élèves deviennent journalistes scientifiques… Visiting Masdar City with the Lycée Français International Privé – Dubai

We took approximately 400 students from one of the AFLEC schools in Dubai to Masdar City. These were fun students, laughing, discussing, debating, even sometimes dancing! Some of them had a mission: make a kind of journalistic feedback… And they […]
17 March 2016

Feed your plants with your leftovers: Workshop in Dubai on Monday March 21st

Workshop at The Change Initiative, Barsha, Dubai (Google Map link). • What if you never had to throw away food again? • We propose a fun workshop that will allow your house to go green, while educating your kids • […]