Eedama offers consultancy to companies seeking to design, install, or transform their environment towards more energy efficiency and sustainability.

- Environmental footprint diagnosis
- Sustainable Building Design
- Sustainable Installations & Technology Consultancy
- Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Environmental Footprint Diagnosis
Eedama assesses the way the users of a building or location are using its resources and its various sustainable features. Even buildings with great designs can be very costly and polluting if their users don’t collaborate.
Eedama, having a rich experience of training and delivering awareness sessions to various types of audiences, is able to assess the way any type of user interacts with a building or a place (be it occasionally or regularly). Eedama can then give recommendations and develop specially adapted interventions.
Sustainable Building Design
Eedama holds a team of LEED GA’s & Sustainable Architecture experts that can help assist architects, engineers, clients and students analyzing and improving their design in order to achieve their sustainability goals. Eedama offers the following design services:
-1- Preliminary Design
Eedama can offer initial design proposals for your projects to include sustainable design considerations along with cost-saving strategies right from the start. This includes: - Smart Designs
- Energy Efficiency Designs
- Bioclimatic & Passive design
- Sustainable Landscape Designs
-2- Energy Modeling
Eedama can run energy simulations and different types of analysis of your building through various design softwares in order to identify energy-saving and cost-cutting opportunities. Eedama can also provide comparisons between your initial base model and a more energy efficient model.
-3- Design Modification
Eedama can provide alternative solutions to your initial design by modifying it into a more energy efficient & cost effective design. This includes:
- Façade Optimization
- Renewable Energy Integration
- Cost-cutting Strategies
-4- Sustainable Installations
Eedama and their providers can help you choose the best technology for your building and offers you their expertise on how to integrate these installations into your building design (more details in the following section)