Travel, explore and discover green initiatives around the world (or around the corner) with Eedama!
Eedama offers a range of eco-touristic tours around the world. Whether you are a conscious traveler looking for exciting experiences, a student or a researcher seeking scientific knowledge and expertise, a company looking for team building activities, or just someone willing to know more about sustainable initiatives, we got you covered!

Eedama will take you on exciting adventures and discoveries to a unique set of 20 locations off the beaten tracks in the UAE and Lebanon! Explore the hidden green spots of Beirut, embark on a journey in the mangroves of Abu Dhabi, trek in the UAE mountains, visit one of the world’s most sustainable urban community, learn all about plant-based water treatments…
Our tours are suited for all ages and can range from half a day and up to 5-day packages for a full week including several locations visits. Eco-friendly accommodation and healthy food can be included as part of the program (optional). .


A good team building exercise creates positive interaction among a group of people, and in doing so enhances the ability to work effectively as a team when you return to your workplace. Corporate retreats allow for opportunities to grow together as a company, and for participants to join in team building activities and share unique experiences. Take your corporate team building to the next level and join us in Bali!

Workshops Include:

Experienced Facilitators

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Simran Talwar

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Joanna Vogeley

Frederic Dross

Ounsi El Daif

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Nadia Moukaddem