Professional Training

Sustainability for companies can be approached from different perspectives in the form of interactive sessions and hands-on activities which include short workshops, and seminars or courses of several days offered by Eedama. These services ensure a durable impact in the workspace, household and community.
Example of Seminars & Workshops
Courses rely on both solid gathering of scientific knowledge and hands-on witnessing of real-life solutions. Professional training covers a diverse range of topics and skills, examples are as follows:

Solar Energy Courses & Training

Because we believe that learning is a continuous lifelong process, we offer to share our experience in various forms. Therefore we offer courses in a wide variety of subjects with adaptable durations. Our main topics are related to sustainability (at the workplace or at home) and renewable energy sources. On our courses knowledge acquisition builds through educational processes and collective situated activities. We offer the following courses
*These courses cover topics of sustainable development, with a concentration on solar renewable electricity generation in the Gulf with a focus on the UAE. It is also suitable for undergraduate seniors or Graduate students in their first year in a field related to sustainable development or environmental related degrees (environmental sciences, geography, physics, biology...).