Waste To Energy Facility - Abu Dhabi


Little Reed in Qsaibe, Lebanon


Samen Eco Gardens: Urban Jungle in Fanar


Buzuruna Juzuruna in Saadnayel, Lebanon


Les Racines Du Ciel in Lassa, Lebanon


Ras Maske Gardens in North, Lebanon

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Cliffs of Tannourine Ettahta in Lebanon

Masdar City in Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates is one of the world’s largest consumer of energy, especially in terms of cooling and transportation. Masdar city tries to change that problem by being a carbon-neutral and car-free space.

Using carbon-based fossil fuels has two major drawbacks:
It degrades our environment through air pollution, and it contributes to global warming through carbon dioxide gas emission. In order to mitigate these threats, human societies have several solutions, the main two are:

1. Use less energy
2. Use alternative, non-polluting and renewable sources of energy.

Masdar City tries to tackle these two challenges through reorganizing the city’s urban planning, and proposing sustainable transportation and cooling strategies. It gives an insight on how to design a sustainable city with low-energy consumption yet providing a comfortable life style. The existing neighbourhood is extremely interesting to visit which allows us to cover different aspects on our tours. The field trip program is made of two different parts:

1- Engaging Guided Tour

The participants get to see a ‘real size’ sustainability experiment. They get first hand scientifically supported explanations along with several discussions that allow individuals to give their input and reflect.

2 - Educational Game

The participants engage in a treasure hunt and/or a workshop. The activity involves the topics that were discussed during the tour in order for participants to apply their understanding.

Mangroves in Abu Dhabi

Kayak in the Mangroves & Make UAE Greener!

Umm Al Emarat Park in Abu Dhabi

Edutainment Tour in a Sustainable Park

Emirates BioFarm between Dubai & Al Ain

Organic Farming Made In The UAE

“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.” - Masanobu Fukuoka

A perfect day out, combining knowledge, wisdom, play, happiness and sensoriality!

Reed Beds in Kalba - Sharjah

When Water Treatment Meets Ecosystems

Reed Beds, or constructed wetlands, allow the recycling of wastewater completely naturally. The water is filtered by gravel and planted sand. Reeds take advantage of the nutrients present in the wastewater and grow very rapidly. They then attract a whole ecosystem, including migrating birds.
This trip takes place in Al Hefaiyah Wildlife Conservation Center, where reed beds are installed, it includes therefore as well a visit of the center. This trip includes multiple features that fit in several parts of most curricula:
1- Introductory Discussion & Wildlife Center Tour
Participants will get to discuss the way water is produced and used in the UAE. They will then learn about the elements of UAE's wildlife, while being able to directly observe the animals living in their natural ecosystem.
2- Reed Bed Tour
Participants visit an outdoor Reed Bed. They roam around and observe the path of water, as well as the ecosystem that lives there.
3- Scientific Experiment
Participants get to test the water at various steps of its purification. They used both paper based and electronic meters.
  • UAE's wildlife
  • Fresh Water Sources (in Arid Climates)
  • Water Desalination
  • Energy Sources
  • Drinkable Water
  • Water Recycling
  • Irrigation
  • Agriculture

Emirates Soil Museum in Dubai

When Soil is Explored Indoors & Outdoors!

Canyoning & Hiking in Ras Al Kahima

Experience hiking in water!

Camping at Wadi Showka - RAK

A strong focus on the outdoors and survival skills

Sustainable Art at Ethereal art & photo studio - Abu Dhabi