Founded in Abu Dhabi in 2015, Eedama operations are based in both the UAE and Lebanon and succeeded in hosting and collaborating with partners globally: The UAE and Lebanon, with a staff spread over 4 main regions: Abu Dhabi Emirates; Dubai and the Northern emirates; Greater Beirut; and Northern Lebanon. The founding partners are experts in the field of energy and the environment, with PhDs and over 15 years each of research and work in that domain. Eedama has hosted many projects and events in the UAE and Lebanon since inception, and partnered with various institutes and major companies in the region.

Did you know: Eedama comes from the Arabic verb “to make it last�? which is what sustainability is all about: Being proactive!


Eedama brings innovation to the community through making a link between theory and practice.
It can be summarised by those simple yet emancipating words: