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21 May 2020
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12 September 2020

Latest Updates on Eedama’s Activities

July 21, 2020
Find out what Eedama's team has been up to in the past few months.

Women Led Startup Training (With LLWB)

Eedama was approached by the Lebanese League for Women in Business to develop a social entrepreneurship training program for women led startups with positive social impact. Eedama's team in Lebanon developed the content, and the actual training started on 29 June 2020. The program kicked off in Tripoli for 4 weeks, and it is starting now in Chtaura in parallel.

Won a New Project: “Crisis Management” - Berytech

Eedama won another project, thanks with LLWB, who have been happy with Eedama’s work, and directed Berytech (a startup incubator in Beirut) towards Eedama for a project related to resilience in times of crisis, especially environmental crisis.The project consists of three training days, and will last for a whole year, as there will be monthly coaching sessions.

Sustainable Architecture Competition

Eedama recently submitted to an architecture competition for the Environmental Agency of Abu Dhabi called “MEGA DUNES ECOLODGES - ABU DHABI”. Teams were asked to design lodges that were to operate in a sustainable manner, do not disturb the surrounding environment, and allow visitors to observe oryx’s closely. The client preferred a design that looked like “bubbles”, therefore, Eedama’s team created the solar domes idea. These lodges operate completely off grid using the solar cells on their exterior.

Bidding on Majid Al Futtaim (MAF) Project

Eedama was asked to bid on an Educational Content Development project for Majid Al Futaim. We will be developing content on 4 different sustainable topics for two different age groups that will be later on delivered by MAF personnel. Our mission is to offer the content with a TOT (Training of Trainers) on the related topics.

Eedama Youtube Channel

We now have our OWN youtube channel! We have posted some interesting videos related to our services and webinars. Check them out here. ( And don't forget to share it around!)

Eedama LIVE/ Online

Eedama launched an online program with the current situation. The program includes social medial live sessions, webinars and a camp.
Latest Updates on Eedama’s Activities
1- Summer Camp:

Eedama is considering delivering a virtual sustainable camp towards the end of July, and a real summer camp in August in collaboration with Studiolab & Buildits. It looks like, however, that we will switch to ‘face-to-face’ as people are fed up with this long period of confinement and online.
Latest Updates on Eedama’s Activities
2. Eedama Live:

Eedama held live sessions on social media during the months of April and May (in Arabic and English). The sessions include basic eedama children workshops for the community to enjoy at the comfort of their home. All videos are recorded on Facebook, to watch, click here.
Latest Updates on Eedama’s Activities
3- Eeedama Webinars:

Eedama started a webinars series , some free of charge webinars on various sustainability topics such as Solar Photovoltaic Energy Training, Green building design, sustainable UN goals and much more. The free webinars can be found on our YouTube channel.
Mariam Radwan
Mariam Radwan
Sustainability Instructor at Eedama.