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20 October 2020
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15 December 2020

Sustainability Training of Trainers for Majid Al Futtaim’s “Little Explorers”

One of Eedama’s targets is raising awareness on important topics of sustainability and integrating these topics into various businesses. Currently, a great prospect is the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the use of these goals to become a more socially responsible business. With the help from Eedama, you can target any or all of the goals you see fitting for yourself, and we can develop content tailored to your needs.

A recent example was Eedama’s collaboration with Majid Al Futtaim. Eedama was asked to develop educational content in order for Majid Al Futtaim to incorporate sustainability into their services and raise awareness of the topic between their employees. The project was delivered with 5 days of certified training of trainers for Majid Al Futtaim employees in Mirdif City Center, Dubai last month.

The first day of the program was not only an introduction to sustainability, but also a session dedicated to understanding the participant’s previous knowledge and awareness level in order to know how to proceed throughout the next four days. The session included a discussion involving the environmental crisis, general sustainability themes and activities where each participant was given an environmental issue and asked to create a mind map of solutions to present back to the group.
The second day focused on how to communicate and deliver sustainability concepts on-site and online to the younger audience .Following the presentation, the participants were asked to reuse the previous day’s mind map and adapt the information to suit youngsters. This activity was designed to test their understanding throughout the session.

Jumping into details, the third and fourth day held detailed workshops and activities related to various sustainability themes. Each day, two workshops were presented: Renewable Energy, and Water Efficiency & Conservation, and Recycling & Upcycling, and Composting & Urban Farming, respectively. These sessions included background knowledge, hands-on activities and instructions on how to deliver these concepts to the suitable audience.
On the final day, participants were asked to discuss and recap the different concepts of sustainability that they’ve learned throughout the training. This exercise was to make sure that all topics delivered were understood and that the participants can deliver them back to the community.

That was the conclusion of the sustainability training week for Majid Al Futtaim! We are proud of the participants and their efforts in wanting to know more on how to become more sustainable ♻️🌎. Contact us if you want to follow @majidalfuttaim's example and get your employees to know more about sustainability and how to be part of the solution of climate change.
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  • "Thank you Eedama for this wonderful training!! For me personally it helps me a lot!! To gain more confident to perform."
  • "The training was well delivered."
  • "Great facilitators, - overall I'm very happy with the delivery of the training. Thank you! :)"
  • "Everything is excellent. Thank you so much"
Mariam Radwan
Mariam Radwan
Sustainability Instructor at Eedama.