Women’s Economic Participation in North and Mount Lebanon (WEP)
20 February 2021

Latest Updates on Eedama’s Activities

April 1, 2021
Let's take you on a tour of what Eedama's team has been up to in 2021 so far!

Sustainability Spring Camps in the UAE

Eedama recently relaunched two spring break sustainability camps in the UAE since our Winter break camps were successful with our partners.

Team Building Activities with Companies for Good in Dubai

Eedama hosted multiple corporate groups in collaboration with Companies for Good (C4G) such as Chalhoub (in November & December) and BCG. In these events, participants engaged in kayaking, mangrove tree planting, environment workshops like responsible planting, vertical gardening, companion planting and upcycling activities.

Our First Complete Sustainability Learning Space

Eedama completed its first sustainable learning space in Umm Al Arab School in Abu Dhabi. A classroom was renovated to become a learning classroom for multiple themes of sustainability such as agriculture, energy & water through various features such as:
‣ Green moss wall
‣ Hydroponics systems
‣ Vertical Gardening Tower
‣ Aquaponics system
‣ Solar photovoltaic installations
‣ Smart Moisture
‣ Nutrient devices
‣ Upcycled & reclaimed furniture

Upcoming Online & On-site Courses with Ureka Education Travel

Eedama will launch two programs on Sustainable Architecture this summer. These programs target university students across the world that would like to visit the UAE to get hands-on experience in the field of Sustainable Architecture or through online training and mentoring on these topics. Eedama has previously delivered multiple programs with Ureka for MBA and engineering students from India that were interested in Sustainability and Renewable energies. These students sign up for these programs as an internship opportunity or to get field experience in their university majors.

Social Entrepreneurship Research

Eedama is currently working with Beyond Group on a research project about Social Entrepreneurship in the UAE for the British Council. Eedama is contributing to the data collection thanks to the Abu Dhabi team as well as through interpretation and writing thanks to our senior advisor Nadia.

Pitching of Yearlong Schools Programs

Eedama recently bid for delivering impactful school programmes in the UAE for several NGOs and social enterprises interested in sponsoring school programs. The program Eedama developed involvesworkshops, activities, field trips, mentoring and training sessions all under various sustainability themes that follow the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The idea is to involve multiple schools in the UAE together in creating an impact towards the environment over the course of the school year.

Masdar Family Tours

Eedama delivered multiple family tours in Masdar City since schools are off and the new covid-19 restrictions are in place.

Sustainability Productive Space in North Lebanon

Eedama is currently supporting with the transformation of a partly abandoned land to a fully sustainable productive space in Zgharta, North Lebanon. Eedama is helping a local family implement permaculture design within their land as part of the company's CSR strategy.

Crisis Management Training Sessions for Berytech

Eedama, in partnership with Berytech (incubator) and the Lebanese League for Women in Business (LLWB) delivered the last week of the online crisis management program, training women-led businesses and business advisors in Lebanon. Working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals SDG # 5 (Gender equality) # 8 (decent work and economic growth) and # 10 (reduction of inequalities).

Content development on crisis management for IECD (French NGO)

Eedama recently developed training content adapted to the current Lebanese context and delivered a training of Trainers with the Institute European de Cooperation et de Developpement (IECD)

Sustainable Land Design

Eedama submitted a sustainable land design in kiffane using permaculture concepts for the land and sustainable architecture principles for the buildings that will be retrofitted on site.
Mariam Radwan
Mariam Radwan
Sustainability Instructor at Eedama.