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29 August 2015

Hello world!

Welcome to eedama’s blog. We’ll regularly share here news related to the environment and sustainability. We’ll also tell you about fun experiments to do.
17 September 2015

Will new energies be renewable?

What are new energies? Which one of them are renewable? Is our future really greener? Discover some of the answers in the next weeks … here on the eedama blog!
30 September 2015

Well done Dubai!

Dubai is on track to achieve a 3GW project. Congratulations! As a comparison, the biggest project ever built today is Solar Star in California and consists of 580 MW. GW projects are game-changers in the energy generation landscape. The Dubai […]
2 October 2015

Would you drink toilet water?

Sounds kind of gross, doesn’t it? Even if the toilet was never used? That’s the question raised by an installation at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, USA. It’s also a not-so-silly question for those of us who live in the […]