17 January 2018

A Week About Sustainable Dubai – Day 4 – Biodiversity And Water

Al Hafeiyah Mountain Conservation Centre Field Trip The week was approaching its end with already lots of information gathered and stories created but there was still a lot more to get through when talking about sustainability. 2 of the most […]
17 January 2018

A Week About Sustainable Dubai – Day 3 – Energy And Design

The second field trip of the week was held at The Sustainable City. Eedama has had many field trips there and you could read more on our other blog articles here. This time, the city became fully functional with 80% […]
15 January 2018
Sort and recycle!

A Week About Sustainable Dubai: Day 2 – Plastic Waste

Drop it! Plastic workshop hosted by Goumbook Day 2 was hosted at the school and started off with an introduction to plastic waste pollution and was followed by more information on the problem globally and locally by Goumbook. The presentation […]
8 January 2018

A week about Sustainable Dubai: Day 1 – Air pollution and Plant a Seed (Give a Ghaf)

In collaboration with Goumbook, Eedama designed, organized and implemented a Sustainable Dubai Week for the Week Without Walls Program at GEMS World Academy. The purpose of this program was to introduce students to some of the main components when speaking […]
8 November 2017

Eedama and The Mawada Project at the Ripe Market (Zaabeel Park, Dubai, on Fridays)

Bring purpose to life with community-service, social responsibility and sustainability! Want to make a difference in the world, but don’t know how? Keep hearing about taking care of the environment and sustainability and not sure what that means for you? […]
10 June 2017

Composting workshops: AFLEC Dubai and Raffles WA primary school students designed their own food bins

In February and March, Eedama’s instructors Erika and Ounsi ran several composting workshops with Grade 5 students. After a quick chat about the importance of food, we all tried to evaluate honestly the amount of food we waste: It turns […]
30 April 2017

Sustainable Wellspring Beirut

Collaboration between Eedama and Grade 9 Wellspring students: Eedama instructors have been working in the frame of the ‘Community Action Service’ hours with Grade 9 students from Wellspring Beirut. They decided altogether to write some blog posts about this experience. […]
20 January 2017

استضافت إذاعة مونت كارلو الدولية أنسي الضعيف، مؤسِّس إدامة

استضاف برنامج كافيه شو المهندس اللبناني أنسي الضعيف، للحديث عن مشروع “إدامة” الذي أسسه منذ أكثر من عام في الإمارات العربية المتحدة. تسعى “إدامة” إلى إقامة مشاريع تربوية تتعلق بالتوعية البيئية لدى طلاب المدارس، لتنمية اهتمامهم بالوسط الذين يعيشون به […]
4 November 2016

Compost and gardening project at Philadelphia Private School – Dubai

We have started last month a Compost and gardening project at Philadelphia School Dubai. Students are planning how to collect food, raise awareness and build an actual garden. Implementation starts next week!     Moving forward with the composting project […]
11 October 2016

My Aquafarm: an educational program about aquaponics for Sharjah Youth Centers kids

Eedama handled 4 series of 4 workshop for the children of Sharjah Youth Centers, in which they learned about Aquaponics and how the fishes depend on the plants to clean the water while the plants depend on the fishes to […]