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29 April 2016

When kids’ eyes shine: A solar oven made from a pizza box

How to help kids understand the difference between fossil fuels and solar energy? Between Renewable and Non-Renewable energy? We already used a number of times the solar oven made from a pizza box experiment. So friends: How do you usually […]
21 May 2020

The Rise of Solar, The Fall of its Price, and How Eedama is Helping

Are you looking for some good news in the middle of the health crisis of a lifetime for each of the 8 billion humans on the planet? Here comes the sun! Photovoltaics solar energy has been on a mind-blowing cost-reduction trend in the last decades. The cost of solar photovoltaics (PV) modules, for instance, has been divided by 10 in 10 years, and the lowest electricity prices have just been broken again by a solar PV plant: 1.35 USD/kWh. This price is a bid for the Al Dhafra PV park in Abu Dhabi and is 25 times cheaper than the price a German household pays for electricity!