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2 October 2015

Would you drink toilet water?

Sounds kind of gross, doesn’t it? Even if the toilet was never used? That’s the question raised by an installation at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, USA. It’s also a not-so-silly question for those of us who live in the […]
17 May 2016

In a reed bed, you don’t sleep… you drink!

In a reed bed, you don’t sleep… you drink!   Water treatments ponds are a completely natural way of treating waste sewage water. Instead of going through physic-chemical filtering and reactions, the water goes through filtering through the roots of […]
11 October 2016

My Aquafarm: an educational program about aquaponics for Sharjah Youth Centers kids

Eedama handled 4 series of 4 workshop for the children of Sharjah Youth Centers, in which they learned about Aquaponics and how the fishes depend on the plants to clean the water while the plants depend on the fishes to […]
17 January 2018

A Week About Sustainable Dubai – Day 4 – Biodiversity And Water

Al Hafeiyah Mountain Conservation Centre Field Trip The week was approaching its end with already lots of information gathered and stories created but there was still a lot more to get through when talking about sustainability. 2 of the most […]