Environmental Consulting & Installations

Eedama offers consultancy to individuals and companies seeking to research, develop, design, install, or simply transform their environment into a more energy efficient and sustainable one. These services vary from green designs to sustainability reporting for a diverse list of clients all around.

Eedama’s consultancy services include:

Educational Content Development

Primarily formed as a content development center focused on learning by doing, through real-life experiences, Eedama designs and develops educational and experiential content. Eedama’s networks of experts covers a broad variety of topics (from natural to social science, including engineering and novel technologies) and profiles (from academics to field workers).
Eedama designs programs that will be found neither in universities nor in professional training centers: The development of a large network of locations functioning according to real and realistic sustainable practicies, as well as the experience gained with a very diverse audience.

Examples of past projects:
1 - Development of an aquaponics program for the ‘Children’s center of the emirate of Sharjah’. A 4-day program was developed for several age groups, and the training of 16 teachers was performed. Eedama gained an award for this.
2 - Development of an educational program both for young and adult participants, for the topic of Natural Water Treatment for the company Reed Beds Contracting. This program is now used and delivered by Eedama on two locations where reed beds to treat wastewater were installed: A remote installation next to Jazirat Al Hamra-RAK, and the installation of Al Hefaiyah wildlife conservation center next to Kalba.

Research Consultancy

With it’s network of experienced researchers and academics (several PhD and Masters’ levels holders, having published more than a hundred scientific publications), Eedama has the capacity to deliver research and studies on topics related to sustainable development, environmental sciences and environmental policies, sustainable business planning and business impact.
Examples of past projects:
1 - A study on climate and energy policies, including an assessment of civil society organisations, in Lebanon, Jordan and Tunisia, for the international organisation (Netherlands based) Hivos
2 - The mentoring and counseling of youth startup projects, including the writing of a training and evaluation program for several organisations: The Science and Innovation Park (SIP) of the United Arab Emirates University, StartAD at New York University of Abu Dhabi, the Oman organization Youth Vision, and the Lebanese consultancy center Beyond Reform and Development.

Sustainable Architecture Building Design & Audit Consultancy

Eedama holds a team of LEED Ga’s and Sustainable Architecture Experts that can help assist architects, clients and students in analyzing and improving their design in order to achieve their sustainability goals. Eedama provides consultancy services to help obtain LEED and Estidama green building certifications and guidelines. Eedama can also audit and assess your organization’s electricity and water savings, waste production and food consumption, both in terms of ecological footprint and financials.

Eedama offers the following services:
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Preliminary Concept Design

BDA (4)

Architecture Plans & Drawings

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Design Modification

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3D Modeling & Rendering

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Energy Modeling

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Design Consultation

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Footprint Diagnosis

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Estidama & LEED Reports

Sustainable Installations

From urban gardening to recycling, we help you design and install sustainable features at your work space and even your own home. Eedama also provides training on how to maintain the features along with the installation process to ensure sustainability.

Eedama offers to install and advice on the following:

Transform your space, make it a better place!

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