Corporate Team Building Workshops Indoors

INDOOR Workshops are meant to be a particularly fun way to learn a new environmental concept through hands-on activities. Workshops aim to leave a significant impact on your habits and physical workspace
solar energy

Solar Oven Building and Cooking

Statistics game about solar energy Building of a solar oven and simple cooking activity Duration: 3 hours
food waste

Food Waste Contest

Food waste reduction contest: turn food waste into new food (cooking creativity contest) or into soil (composting contest). Duration: 3 Hours
Env debate

Environmental Debate and Guessing Game

Environmental Pictionary and/or Taboo and/or Kahoot with a link to the business Duration: Full day
Urban Farming

Sustainable Farming: Aquaponics Games

Build an Aquaponics system that gathers fish and plants energy together. This is a great DIY activity that then allows to actually grow plants… and fish! Duration: Full day


Learn how to garden using permaculture techniques, mimicking nature. This helps increasing productivity as well as harmony with nature. Participants will engage in gardening & games Duration: 3 Hours
icon a

Trash To Treasure: DIY (Do it yourself) & Zero Waste

A workshop that encourages employees to change their lifestyles and practices to match sustainable natural cycles, where all discarded materials found at the office or at home can be designed to become resources for other uses. This workshop includes Do-It-Yourself activities and engaging games to practically master sustainable art practices. Duration: 3 Hours
sus art

Sustainable & Artistic Planting

Participants learn basic principles of planting. They then have to design their own pots. They will learn how to use natural elements to create beautiful mini-gardens. They will also learn how to optimize the system so that it saves water. Duration: 3 Hours

Upcycling Art & Fashion

Understand how to upcycle waste into art or even fashion items that can be worn! This workshop encourages turning “trash to treasure”. Participants will be able to make their own art pieces individually or in groups with the waste they produce daily at their office. Duration: 3 Hours