Travel, explore and discover green initiatives around the world (or around the corner) with Eedama!
Eedama offers a range of eco-touristic tours around the world. Whether you are a conscious traveler looking for exciting experiences, a student or a researcher seeking scientific knowledge and expertise, a company looking for team building activities, or just someone willing to know more about sustainable initiatives, we got you covered!

Eedama will take you on exciting adventures and discoveries to a unique set of 20 locations off the beaten tracks in the UAE and Lebanon! Explore the hidden green spots of Beirut, embark on a journey in the mangroves of Abu Dhabi, trek in the UAE mountains, visit one of the world’s most sustainable urban community, learn all about plant-based water treatments…
Our tours are suited for all ages and can range from half a day and up to 5-day packages for a full week including several locations visits. Eco-friendly accommodation and healthy food can be included as part of the program (optional). .


Eedama will take you on exciting adventures and discoveries to a unique set of locations off the beaten tracks in the UAE! Explore the hidden green spots, embark on a journey in the mangroves of Abu Dhabi, trek in the UAE mountains, visit one of the world’s most sustainable urban communities, learn all about plant-based water treatments and much more!

Masdar City Experience in Abu Dhabi

Organic Farming across the UAE

Kayak & Clean Up the Mangroves in Abu Dhabi

The Reedbeds & Wildlife in Kalba

Umm Al Emarat - a Sustainable Park in Abu Dhabi

Soil Museum in Dubai

Recycling Facilities around the UAE


Eco-Tourism / Edu-Tourism

Samen Eco Gardens

A forest garden in Fanar
Discover how nature can be embedded in the city! You will be able to visit an urban jungle and identify a number of plants and animals you have never seen before.
Eco-Tourism / Edu-Tourism

Juzuruna Buzuruna

Seeds Conservation in a Community Farm in Saadnayel
Receive hands on training on organic farming (from bio-pesticides to compost making and seedlings) and physically help with the farm. You will have the possibility to taste an authentic meal made with fresh farmed produce and learn all about its origins.
Eco-Tourism / Edu-Tourism

Field To Fork

“Sustainable agriculture” a solution to many of our environmental problems, from global warming to water pollution. Come explore a permaculture farm and observe how its trees, vegetables herbs birds and bees interact. Come meet the modern eco farmer... Come harvest, plant, mix some soil and feed the poultry. Come contemplate and play.
A guided tour of the farm, a treasure hunt, a game, a discussion about Permaculture and yummy organic food await.
Eco-Tourism / Edu-Tourism

Alternative and Green Tours across Lebanon

In collaboration with Alternative Tour Beirut, Eedama offers Learning Experiences accross Lebanon natural, built and social environments, where participants will learn, have fun, experience, and contribute to environmental and social change. The tours available are the following:
● Walking tour Beirut
● Green tour and upcycled old house - Beirut
● Hiking, climbing, yoga and nature protection in Afqa
● Heritage and team-building in Rechmaya
● Natural and built heritage in Sour/Tyre
● Mountain heritage and tree planting in Ehden


A good team building exercise creates positive interaction among a group of people, and in doing so enhances the ability to work effectively as a team when you return to your workplace. Corporate retreats allow for opportunities to grow together as a company, and for participants to join in team building activities and share unique experiences. Take your corporate team building to the next level and join us in Bali!

Workshops Include:

Experienced Facilitators

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Simran Talwar

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Joanna Vogeley


Frederic Dross


Ounsi El Daif

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Nadia Moukaddem