Eedama Live Sustainability Sessions – Get your kids to learn about Sustainability from the comfort of your home!
Eedama just launched a new initiative “Eedama LIVE” this April as a response to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation. This will include several types of sessions in order to replace the activities that the social enterprise used to deliver.
Solar Energy: Technology & Markets (Advanced Program)

This program is an advanced program about solar energy. It will last 3 sessions, each session having a different focus:
➼ Technology
➼ Markets
➼ Public Policies and Home installations

Each session will take 1h30 of lesson and 30mins of Questions and Answers. Participants will have the possibility to discuss and ask questions about any solar related topic. Dr Frederic Dross (Vice President, Strategic Development at STS, and Solar Expert) will join some of the sessions to give real time market perspective and his experts insight.

The whole program costs 300AED (100/session) for UAE participants or 90 dollars (30/session) for international participants or 120'000LBP for Lebanese participants (Lebanese participants should contact us if they want to pay cash or by cheque inside Lebanon the payment).
Participants will have to undergo a short exam at the end of the program and will receive a stamped certificate in case of success. If you have any question contact us at
-1- Technology: (3/8/2020)
• Scientific principles, the photoelectric effect
• Limitations to the efficiency and potentialities to increase it
• New market-relevant technologies
• Trackers
• Bifacials
• Perovskites
• Calculate the efficiency of a technology/system
-2- Markets: (10/8/2020)
• Cost breakdown of solar: What makes the cost of a solar kWh?
• Evolution of prices
• How long does it takes for a solar panel to generate the energy needed for its fabrication?
• And the money??
• Can w do it all with solar?
• Maximum possible market share + value deflation (the duck curve)
-3- Public policies and installation design: (17/8/2020)
• Global policies
• What do the UN, the IEA and the COP climate meetings say?
• Regional policies and incentives
• Is the Arab world subsidizing solar?
• The China case
• How can I finance a solar project?
• Investment
• Power Purchase Agreement
• Design your own project – practical implementation —> personal work

Eedama LIVE activities include:

1) Sustainable Virtual Summer Camp:
When: July 19 to July 30
Where: On Zoom

Eedama, in collaboration with Bildits & StuDIYo Lab, is organizing an online summer camp, adapted to children’s need in this semi-confined summer. Get ready for a fully hands-on environmental program that combines upcycling, woodwork, construction and much more! Click here for more information about the Summer Camp.
2) FREE Training Webinars about Sustainability by Eedama’s experts
When: Dates TBA
Where: On Zoom or similar platforms

Eedama is running free of charge webinars on various sustainability topics such as Solar Photovoltaic Energy Training, Green building design, sustainable UN goals and much more. Eedama will host it’s first free webinar “Introduction to Solar Photovoltaic Energy” soon! Stay tuned on our social media platforms to find out more. Click here for Eedama's Webinar Videos.
3) Kids and family friendly hands-on workshops – on Instagram & Facebook LIVE
When: Any future live workshops will be announced
Place: Instagram & Facebook LIVE.
Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic that is forcing us to stay confined at home, Eedama took the opportunity to reach out to the community through weekly live sessions on social media since April and will go on until further notice. Through these live sessions, Eedama aims to teach the basics of sustainability at home by covering various topics such as composting, gardening, upcycling, DIY activities and much more.
Click here for Eedama's Live Videos
4) Request your own customized LIVE sessions
As part of this initiative, Eedama also offers assistance in implementing your own customized sustainability workshops that targets your desired audience. Request information about a customized live session here or by emailing and one of our instructors will get back to you.
5) Alternative Academy Webinars
Eedama supports the recent launching of Alternative Academy’s Free online sessions. The Alternative Academy is a multi-disciplinary space for critical thinking, discussions and learning that is co-organised by Jibal Association and Lebanon Support. It provides alternative viewpoints and perspectives on various subjects while encouraging people to revisit and rethink mainstream concepts and ideologies.
Click here for Alternative Academy Information & Registration

So, what are you waiting for? Join our live sessions for an insight on a sustainable life-style!
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*Find out more on how our sessions went last month in our blog here or watch the previous sessions here.