Events & Festivals

Eedama is your go-to partner for any sustainability-related booths, entertainment with a purpose, public or walk-in workshop for your festivals, events, activations and more broadly for any occasion. Eedama creates tailored interactive and hands-on stands and activities both for kids and adults.
the topics of the booths and workshops can vary broadly and be related to any of the topics where environmental sustainability plays a role: Gardening, Recycling, Solar Energy, Environmental games, etc...
We can also bring our special guest: The Eedama wheel, that brings more excitement and suspense to the activities.
Eedama provides the following environmental workhops and activities that could be tailored to any event of your choice! Eedama will also provide facilitators to run these workshop along with training man power to assist during the event. Other themes and topics are available upon request.
Events & Festivals

Water & Agriculture

• Artistic Planting
• Vertical Gardens
• Composting
• Sustainable Farming : Aquaponics
• Insect Hotel & Bird Feeders
• Seed Bombs
• Soil Erosion & Water Treatment
Events & Festivals

Renewable Energy

• Solar Oven
• Wind Energy
• Solar Car
• Solar Charger
• Solar Cooling

Events & Festivals

Recycling & Upcycling

• Trash to Treasure
• Upcycling Crafts
• Reuse, Reduce & Recycle
• Plastic Pollution
• Upcycling Sport Games
Events & Festivals

Eedama Wheel

Contains 4 main activities that are played in a carnival setting:
• Permaculture & Companion Planting
• Environmental Crisis True False
• Waste Management Sorting Game
• Eco-Systems Card Game

Events & Festivals

Sustainable Design

• Natural Construction
• Environmental Audit
• Sustainable Architecture
• Sustainable Urban Design
• Sustainable Park Design
• 3D Printing
Events & Festivals

DIY workshops

• Zero Waste
• Sustainable Fashion
• Sustainable Art
• STEAM Workshops
• Chain Reaction
See below the events that benefited from our presence in the past two years