Pedagological Farm in Little Reed

Engaging Tour around a Pedagogical Farm!

Reconnect to nature!
A perfect day out, combining knowledge, wisdom, play, happiness and sensoriality!

Nestled in the mountains, Little Reed Pedagogical farm lies at about 50 min drive from Beirut, with its lush greenery melting in the Lebanese mountain traditional landscape. ODDD and Eedama offer engaging activities and tours around the plantations. Children will have fun, reconnect to nature and learn about organic farming practices.

Little Reed is a certified organic farm; it is as well a pedagogical farm and becomes a restaurant for weekends lunches. But it is above all a little paradisiac piece of nature where aromatic plants, trees, animals and forest exist in harmony. It transforms as well into a local producers market and local organic lunch on Saturdays and Sundays.
We prepared a varied program for children to learn, reconnect with nature, and learn sustainable practices and teamwork:

  • A treasure hunt
  • Building a fireplace
  • Make of a fire
  • Sustainable organic planting and permaculture
  • Urban farming
  • Organic hands-on workshop
  • Participants will leave with a pot that will start their urban home garden, that they will soon after eat their own vegetables from.
  • Depending on the configuration, we might draw together a first plan for a garden at their home/summer camp/school.
Two programs are available:
The program duration is 3 to 4 hours. It is adapted for summer camps and for schools during the academic year. Three versions exist : Primary school, Middle School and High school versions.

Added to the normal program, a Man'oushe fabrication workshop can be offered on demand.

Complimentary to the lunch: The program runs from 12 to 1pm and from 2.30 to 4pm. It is adapted to a broad variety of ages (5 to 15 years old).
Weekdays programs for schools and camps: 20'000LL/participant.
The Man'oushe workshop costs 10'000LL/participant, including a juice.

Location: The farm is located in Qsaibe (القصيبة) above Beit Mery. The farm is marked on Google Map and GPS coordinates will be send upon request. 45 min travel time from Beirut

No. of participants: Minimum 10, Max 30

Notes: Transport is not provided but can be arranged upon request. Toilets and shaded areas available.

For reservation: During weekdays, for schools and summer camps: Call +961 71 44 79 44. For weekends: Call +961 76 00 73 00.

This program is offered in collaboration with Organisation De Développement Durable (ODDD): ODDD is an NGO based in Lebanon. Its mission is to create a transnational community that wishes to live in a better world based on equilibrium between economy, society and environment. In collaboration with ODDD

Sustainable Agriculture in Qob Elias

Participate in Sustainable Agriculture

Reconnecting to Nature's Cycles!
The way we eat impacts both us and our environment: We pollute the ground in order to produce food in large quantities, we package our food with disposable and harmful single use plastic, we transport it over long distances… and finally dump on average almost half of it!
This has several negative impacts on our health, on nature and generally the environment. With the growing distance between food producers and consumers, we have totally lost contact with nature and how it feeds us, for the worst. While eating remains one of the basic needs, a majority of children do not know the origin of the food they have in their plates everyday.
We offer a field trip to a farm that tries as much as possible to reconnect us to nature's cycles, while focusing on the importance of the link between producers and consumers, locally. Students and participants will walk around and touch upon a number of topics related to food in an engaging tour. They will then get to do hands-on activities where they will actually contribute to the farm's functioning, and take with them some of their works result (seedlings, composting pot, seeds... depending on the activity), in order to go ahead and contribute to a greener Lebanon from home.

Hands on Activities:
Participants will perform two out of the following activities (depending both on availability and their choice):
Activity 1: Planting - seed starting.
We will need to manipulate soil and plant seeds.
Activity 2: Fruit harvesting
Depending on the season, we might harvest fruits.
Activity 3: Composting
Cleaning (extracting non-biodegradable waste) & Screening
Activity 4: Basic farm routing
- Feeding chicken
- Picking eggs
- Weeding
Activity 5: Make fermented food liquid - Kombucha
  • Permaculture, including companion planting
  • Soil management: Accompany nature's cycles
  • Basic soil biology: How to enrich the soil, mulching
  • Worms composting, spontaneous composting
  • Local and seasonal food production

Location:Qob Elias, in the Bekaa, just before Chtaura when coming from Beirut.
Travel time: 40mins from Hazmieh

Age: All. We adapt the language and the difficulty of the activities

No.of participants: Min 10 and max 50

Note: Toilets are available onsite

Urban Jungle in Samen Eco Gardens

Discover a Jungle in the City!

A collaboration between Samen Eco Gardens & Jibal-Eedama
Sustainable Nature Management Inside the City
With 80% of Lebanon’s population residing in urban areas, one tends to forget that more than most of the earth's surface is not built. Unfortunately, it does not mean that it is not impacted by human activity! Man actually impacts every square meter of the planet's surface, most often negatively.
There are, however, ways that allow nature to develop in harmony with the city. The Samen Eco Gardens in Fanar are a living example of this possible harmony. As a botanical forest garden, they showcase a mix of trees, medium and smaller plants, various animals, and built structures such as animal dens and guesthouses. The energy of the sun is used in various ways, rainwater is collected, roofs are greened with plants, and various methods of composting are applied.
We at Eedama offer an engaging and active walk through the Samen Eco Gardens to introduce the participants to the various technologies used and show them how different spaces are used and organised. During the walk, participants will be guided to take an active role in contributing to the existing harmony of the place.

Hands on Activities:<
Gardening Experience:
- What to plant and where?
- Different potting mixtures
- Select a plant species, prepare the soil and plant into a pot to take home.
For the youngest:
A memory game about companion planting (one of the tools of permaculture)

We also offer follow-up tours and activities. For example, participants will be asked to take care of the plant they took home, to document its growth on the worksheet they were given, and share their experience during the follow-up tour and activity. The follow-up tour and activity will build on the knowledge and experience of the introductory tour and will delve deeper into the world of permaculture.
  • Living Green Roofs
  • Solar energy & it's uses
  • Gardening experience
  • Different potting mixtures
  • Permaculture & the multidimensional use of space
  • Worm Composting
  • Rainwater Collection

Location: Fanar, 30 min travel time from Beirut

Age: All ages, including teens and adults.

No. of participants: Minimum 10, maximum 30 (one class)

Note: Visits: Tuesdays and Fridays. Two groups possible in a day (9-11.30 and 12-2.30)

Since there are no public toilets on site, it is recommended to plan for a bus with toilets on board.

Holistic Permaculture in Les Racines du Ciel

Experience permaculture living

A collaboration between Les Racines Du Ciel & Jibal-Eedama
The Roots of the Sky!
Join us in an adventure to the organic farm, “Les Racines du Ciel,” (the roots of the sky), located on a cliff side in the Nahr Ibrahim valley above the city of Jbeil. To welcome you there will be Raed, Joanna and their baby living there all year long. The land consists of both vegetation and animal farming. There grows an apple tree orchard with vegetables, berries and they raise animals like chicken, goose and bees between the trees. After four years they have been slowly creating an equilibrium between trees, plants and animals.
“We consider our attempt at harmony with nature as a long-term challenge, which involves not only a crop change but also a change of perception of the world. It is an endless task aiming at getting closer every day to a little more of what is called permaculture.”
For the children, it is a unique experience to get closer to nature and to understand how consumption can make a positive impact on the future.
Participants will leave with a pot to harvest from.
  • Recognizing trees & bunches
  • Outdoor drawing
  • Sustainable planting
  • Permaculture
  • Composting & soil improvement

Location: Lassa, Nahar Ibrahim Valley, 1 hr travel time from Beirut

Duration: 3 to 4 hours

Age: 6 -12 years

Prices: 15,000/child + 10,000 for the lunch

No. of Participants: Minimum 10, maximum 30 (one class)

Note: Dry toilets are available on site. An organic picnic with products of the farm (seasonal fruit and vegetables and apple juice) can be offered on demand.

Recycling Tour in Bikfaya

Tour with us to learn all about recycling!

As the waste crisis is becoming more and more prominent in our everyday lives, people have become motivated to seek solutions.
Lebanon is housing various sorting facilities, one of which lies in the mountains of Bikfaya. BiClean is a sorting facility that enforces the 3Rs in the most practical methods ever seen! Through a tour of their facility students can directly join the sorting process and are shown how the material is reused in creative ways.
Participants will also be introduced to the sorting facilities' collaboration with the municipality and the community to tackle the waste crisis. Afterwards, participants will visit a compound near the sorting facility built in an eco-friendly way and be introduced to the green methods of building and community recycling.
Overall the trip will be an informative and a hands-on fun experience tackling environmental advocacy, waste resolution and community involvement.
  • Recycling, reusing, reducing
  • Hands-on sorting
  • Private-public partnership of environmental advocacy
  • Green building

Location: Bikfaya

Duration: 3 to 4 hours

Travel time from Beirut: 1 hour

No. of participants: Minimum 10, maximum 30 (one class)

Ages: 10-16 years

Ras Maska Gardens in Koura, North

Organic farm and natural self-service picking market above the sea!

From a piece of land situated above cliffs directly falling in the sea... A family decided to make an organic productive garden, where anyone can come, pick their own vegetables and buy them. A picnic area with a beautiful view over the sea and sunset completes the gardens.
The garden has paths in order for visitors to walk and see the various types of vegetables. Signage has been set all around. Through this tour, Students will enjoy greenery just above the sea and will get introduced to organic farming through a tour in the large garden. At the end of the tour, they will then pick their own vegetables and take them back home.
After this, an activity teaching about organic farming and permaculture will take place, and students will take a pot with seeds planted in it.
  • Sustainable development
  • Organic farming
  • Knowing vegetables, fruits and various plants
  • Pollution
  • Waste and Recycling
  • Water consumption
  • Urban planning

Location: Ras Maska, Koura, North, Lebanon
Duration: 3-4 hours

Age groups: Suitable for all ages

Languages available: English, French, Arabic

Number of participants: Minimum 15

Price: 15'000LL/participant

Note: Lunch available upon request

Rock Climbing & Yoga in in Tannourine

During this full day activity, the participants will enjoy nature’s generosity and wonders in Tannourine by breathing in and out the freshness of the trees and greenery around, stretching their bodies and learning more about our interconnectedness with nature. The participants will also get hands on experience to mingle, play, and explore with different elements of nature.

Both yoga and climbing engage the physical and mental aspects, and require a deep understanding of the respect concept. Respecting our body, mind, soul, the group, our capacities, and mostly the ultimate provider of the experience, nature.

What will we talk about?
The exchange between human beings and nature
What are we surrounded by
The importance of our ecological system

How can we protect it?
How can we be active at our own homes (living consciously – reducing waste by staying away as much as possible from harmful waste)

  • Yoga Techniques.
  • Nature Exploration .
  • Rock Climbing .
  • Physical & Mental Health.
  • Problem Solving .
  • Obstacle Overcoming.
  • Ecological System.

Location: Tannourine El Tahta, 90 KM away from Beirut.

Duration: 3-4 hours, 45 mins per session + optional lunch

Age groups: Starting from 9 Years Old

Languages available: English, French, Arabic

Number of participants: Up to 50 participants (two classes of 25 participants in each activity: the yoga and climbing activity)

Price: 30'000LL/participant + 15'000 for lunch in a local family restaurant.