Masdar City in Abu Dhabi

Engaging Tour & Educational Activity!

The United Arab Emirates is one of the world’s largest consumer of energy, especially in terms of cooling and transportation. Masdar city tries to change that problem by being a carbon-neutral and car-free space.
Using carbon-based fossil fuels has two major drawbacks:
It degrades our environment through air pollution, and it contributes to global warming through carbon dioxide gas emission. In order to mitigate these threats, human societies have several solutions, the main two are:

1. Use less energy
2. Use alternative, non-polluting and renewable sources of energy.

Masdar City tries to tackle these two challenges through reorganizing the city’s urban planning, and proposing sustainable transportation and cooling strategies. It gives an insight on how to design a sustainable city with low-energy consumption yet providing a comfortable life style.

In order for next generations to see what a sustainable society could look like, and to get inspiration for their future careers, we propose an educational visit to Masdar City for schools. The existing neighbourhood is extremely interesting to visit which allows us to cover different aspects on our tours. The field trip program is made of two different parts:

1- Engaging Guided Tour

The students get to see a ‘real size’ sustainability experiment. They get first hand scientifically supported explanations brought to the right level. The tour also features several discussions that allow students to give their input and reflect.
2 - Educational Game

The students participate in a treasure hunt and/or a guessing game. It requires them to wander freely in the neighborhood (with no risk, as there are no cars). For very young children, we keep the program inside one square and replace the walks by a drawing game or a fun scientific experiment.

Mangroves in Abu Dhabi

Kayak in the Mangroves & Make UAE Greener!

The Mangroves are an important part of our natural eco-system and their survival is vital for UAE's environment. They are a source of biodiversity and are able to control air pollution by naturally filtering out industrial and other types of waste. They can also grow where no other tree can grow! Eedama, in collaboration with Noukhada Adventure Company, offers an educational program along with an exciting kayaking tour that highlight the importance of such eco-system.
The Mangroves program involves three steps often offered as a package:
  • It starts with introductory pre-session at the school, where issues related to plastic waste and water filtration are tackled in relation with the mangrove ecosystem.
  • The next step involves the kayaking tour with Noukhada members. This allows students to observe and explore the Eastern Mangroves National Park and identify its features.
  • The program ends with a concluding session at the school. The students get to make concrete plans for making the school greener. They start gardening and therefore support the mangroves action by decreasing the ecological footprint of their school.

Umm Al Emarat Park in Abu Dhabi

Educational Tour in a Sustainable Park

Organic Farms across the UAE

Organic Farming Made In The UAE

“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.” - Masanobu Fukuoka
A perfect day out, combining knowledge, wisdom, play, happiness and sensoriality!

In a collaboration with the companies, Eedama offers engaging guided tours around the plantations. Participants will be able to learn about organic farming practices adapted to the Gulf Environment.

Ghaf Tree Planting in Dubai

Tree Planting & Urban Gardening Educational Field trip

>Drought – tolerant and evergreen, the Ghaf tree is, possibly, the sturdiest plant of the harsh desert environment, with its unique ability to tap water stored deep in the sand and its roots penetrating as deep as 30 meters to access it. As such, the Ghaf tree requires very little irrigation to thrive and stay green. It is also a tree that is interwoven with the history and culture of the country and the Middle East. It was declared the national tree of the UAE in 2009.

Eedama proposes a tree-planting field trip and activity, in collaboration with GoumBook and Sandy Seeds, focused on the Ghaf tree. The aim of the program is to make the UAE greener and more sustainable, and to raise awareness about the local ecosystem and water conservation, providing a hands-on experience.
Why Plant a Tree? Citizens easily recognize tree planting as a positive eco-action, it is encouraged across cultures and countries as a natural, grounding initiative for humanity. -By absorbing CO2, trees help rid the environment of excess pollutants and generate oxygen. They raise the bio-diversity index, provide much needed habitat for many different species and improve quality of life.
-The act of tree planting is extremely positive and engaging for individuals and communities, and to raise awareness about issues like climate change or water conservation.
-Tree planting is a powerful tool for team building activities, bringing a fresh perspective on school excursions.
The program contains the following:
  • Discussion: Students establish a diagnosis of the Earth's situation, and what possible solutions lie ahead of us.
  • Planting activity: Students will be able to plant 2 seeds each and to write their name on the labels. GoumBook then takes care of the young seedlings for 2 years then introduce them back to the outside world.
  • Urban farming activity: Students will be invited, through reusing second hand tools, to start the design of their own home garden. They will plant seeds to bring back home.

Reed Beds in Kalba - Sharjah

When Water Treatment Meets Ecosystems

In collaboration with Reed Bed Contracting LLC. Reed Beds, or constructed wetlands, allow the recycling of wastewater completely naturally. The water is filtered by gravel and planted sand. Reeds take advantage of the nutrients present in the wastewater and grow very rapidly. They then attract a whole ecosystem, including migrating birds.
This trip takes place in Al Hefaiyah Wildlife Conservation Center, where reed beds are installed, it includes therefore as well a visit of the center. This trip includes multiple features that fit in several parts of most curricula:
1- Introductory Discussion & Wildlife Center Tour
Students will get to discuss the way water is produced and used in the UAE. They will then learn about the elements of UAE's wildlife, while being able to directly observe the animals living in their natural ecosystem.
2- Reed Bed Tour
Students visit an outdoor Reed Bed. They roam around and observe the path of water, as well as the ecosystem that lives there.
3- Scientific Experiment
Students get to test the water at various steps of its purification. They used both paper based and electronic meters.
4- Alternative Advanced Program
Another location with a large scale stand-alone reed bed is available in Ras Al Khaima, next to Jazirat Al Hamra. There, students get to see a larger scale installation, and have the possibility of making more advanced experiments (Water treatment or paper fabrication).

Aventura Parks in Dubai

Ghaf Tree Forest & Urban Farming in the Heart of Dubai!

Eedama has partnered with Aventura Parks in order to make the best of one of the densest and most beautiful Ghaf tree forests in the UAE: The natural forest of Mushrif Park in Dubai. Explore the green outdoors, with the most thrilling activities off the ground and between the trees, a beautiful place where fun meets fitness and thrill meets nature.
In order to use this unique location to learn about preserving nature, expanding it and having city and nature live harmoniously, Eedama has developed programs whereby school students and children in general can enjoy nature, adventure, and sustainability hands-on learning at the same time. Together, Eedama and Aventura offer programs combining a trail experience with a hands-on workshop:
- Soil and Water (6-18 years old)
- Permaculture (6-18 years old)
- Reuse, Reduce, Upcycle (6-11 years old)
- Biodiversity Conservation (12-18 years old)
- Recycling and Planting (5-7 years old, 2hr workshop)
Two options are available to be combined with sustainability workshops: Natural Trail (discovery and investigation around the forest's ecosystem), and Adventure Park Circuit. Around the park, students will be able to contribute to making it more environmentally friendly. through contributing to recycling through sorting and composting food.
  • Desert Forests
  • Local Fauna and Flora
  • Actively Integrating
  • Nature in the City
  • Organic Urban Farming
  • Upcycling
  • Soil Erosion
  • Water Management
Mushrif Park, Dubai, UAE

4 hrs

No. of participants:
Minimum 20, Maximum 120

5 - 18 year olds

- Students should get their own snacks to have between sessions

Emirates Soil Museum in Dubai

When Soil is Explored Indoors & Outdoors!

Waste to Energy Facilities across the UAE

Turn your waste into energy!

Beach / Desert Clean Up

Clean Up and Yoga Session!

Very few places in the world have pristine beaches and beautiful sand dunes like we do in the UAE, they are the ultimate hotspot for tourists and locals. Unfortunately as more of us visit those natural spots we leave behind increasing amounts of trash on the sands and in the sea.

Eedama gas teamed up with Step-up Dubai, a youth community organization, in order to allow schools to protect our beautiful natural environment and support marine life and underwater ecosystems.