• "Several years in a row, the participants benefited from both his background as a physicist expert in new technologies and energy, as well as his experience as a successful social entrepreneur with Eedama, the company he founded (active in the Middle East). Dr. Ounsi has a sharp technical knowledge while keeping the business and social aspects in mind. He is able to communicate efficiently both with people with a technical and/or a business background. Participant benefited greatly from his mentorship and guidance, which is reflected in the high level of satisfaction highlighted by his mentees." - Prof. Nihel Chabrak, Executive Director, UAEU Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020
  • "We were asked to design a program targeted at women and crisis management, we approached Eedama to design, develop and deliver the training program. We have worked hand in hand to assess the needs of beneficiaries, develop the training outlines and review the material developed. Deliverables were always provided on time and of satisfactory quality and up to expectations of the donor and trained beneficiaries. We consider Eedama as a reliable partner to Berytech and we strongly recommend their services." - Mr. Ramy Boujawdeh – Deputy General Manager, Berytech Foundation
  • "Eedama has been employed by Majid Al Futtaim Leisure & Entertainment to provide a 5 days long training on sustainability and children workshops Eedama has proven a high sense of reliability and trustworthiness. We are extremely satisfied on the outcome of the training and are looking forward to spread the knowledge and roll out the numerous learnings our team got from these sessions. We highly and confidently recommend Eedama for any training requirements on sustainability and/or environmental subjects ." - Ms. Salma Rouxel, Senior Operations Manager, Majid Al Futtaim
  • " It was indeed a pleasure to have you both here at Apple International School. The insight that you shared with our students has been of extreme value and our students greatly appreciated the interactive environment that you created during your presentations and workshops. We appreciate your efforts and the time you spent with our students." - Pranjala Dutta, Principle of Apple International School
  • "Eedama’s instructors proved to be skilled, available and efficient. Their workshops and activities as well as tours gave us total satisfaction. They are welcoming and nice end efficiently managed by Ounsi, all in a both fun and educational atmosphere. Our students have had the chance to touch upon several aspects of sustainable development. Dr. Ounsi is  reliable and adddds valuable content when necessary. He has well trained personnel. Eedama proposes regularly new content and adapts to our needs: In general we are satisfied and would like to thank them for this fruitful onging collaboration." - Ms. Sylviane Mailly, Professor at AFLEC school, Dubai.
  • "Wellspring has been working with Eedama over the course of the year & coordinating with them has gone smoothly from the very beginning. We have had different instructors come in for different periods & they've all been very professional and knowledgeable. Most importantly, they're flexible and quite open to feedback and adapting their practices to our context. With the support and guidance of the instructors, our students are building compost bins, writing proposals for electricity saving, creating recycling systems, and engaging the school in energy saving competitions. This experience has empowered our student to explore their roles and responsibility in creating an environmental impact on a personal, school, and community level." - Ms. Sara Sibai, Service as Action Coordinator, Wellspring Learning Community, Lebanon
  • "Eedama was a great pleasure to work with! Their dedication and commitment to the environment and sustainability speaks for itself. Not only are their workshops and activities educational, but they have a refreshing approach which encourages and inspires future generations to strive for a more sustainable future. Eedama listened to our needs as a client and went way beyond exceeding our expectations. Their entire team was very helpful and friendly from the start and we have had a great time building our relationship with them. We are excited to take on new challenges and work with Eedama for our future projects." - Ms.  Emiliya  Bauer, Event Architect at REDFILO Events    
  • "We started working with the social enterprise ‘Eedama Advisors Limited’ 2 years ago. Since early 2016, they made aware more than 300 children and 50 adults (university students and teachers) about the existence of reed beds. They organised field trips to locations where reed beds for water treatment are installed, and allowed students to measure water quality and to water related experiments. We are overall very satisfied with this collaboration and are hoping that they will continue doing great awareness and training, both about the water issue as well as about sustainable development in general." - Mr. Stan Wehbe , Project Director at Reed Bed Contracting LLC
  •  "We have been working with Eedama since early 2018 to take the students for a tour of Masdar City. I am happy to say that Masdar City tour organised and curated by Eedama continues to be one of the most popular and learning-intensive visits for the students. Eedama has also been instrumental in organising similar visits with a sustainability focus. As an organisation, Eedama is always supportive and responsive to our requests, even on a very short notice. Team Eedama is always easy to approach and work with. They are highly skilled at what they do and curate the tours and visits efficiently ensuring maximum learning takes place. Eedama is a valued resource provider for Ureka Education. We will be happy to continue working with them in the long run. I highly recommend Eedama for sustainability education, raising awareness around the subject and for their entrepreneurial insight in this area." - Ms. Aamna Sultan , Director at Ureka Education Group      


Main Operators for Masdar City Tours

2015 - ongoing

Developed various programs for different age groups and audiences (school groups & ...)

eco club
Eco club for Lycee Massignon

2016 to 2019

Yearlong school program, where Eedama's team mentored multiple groups at Lycee.

Chalhoub team building event


Group of around 100 participants of family members spent a day at Soil Museum to engage in various sustainability workshops.

masdar fes
Masdar festival
2019 & 2020

Sent multiple proposals to event management companies to plan sustainable workshops. Eedama also had various stands in a weekend filled with sustainability workshops of the famous Masdar festival for the community.

Eco Tourism

Eedama collaborated with various travel agencies (such as RIDA, Arabian Adventures, Ureka) on environmental tours and developed content specifically for eco tourism sector in the UAE.

Sustainability Tours

Operators for Umm Al Emarat Park, Aventura and Reed Beds.

Thrift for Good Workshops

Eedama hosted Community Workshops for the Launch of the Thrift for Good Store in Dubai, UAE.

Busy Little Hands Workshops

Time Square, Eedama hosted environmental workshops on the weekends for a month for a family friendly audience under the “busy little hands” initiative.

Wasla Event
2018 & 2019

Eedama added a touch in a musical festival by hosting environmental workshops during the concert.

Ripe Market

Eedama delivered workshops in Saturdays Ripe Markets in Dubai.

Tadweer Campaign

Beat Plastic Pollution campaign with Tadweer.

Training & Research

Youth Vision
Youth Vision - Omani Green Startups

2017 & 2018

Developed content and delivered a program on business sustainability and the environment to start-up initiatives.

Colombian uni
Solar, sustainability and social business, Colombian Universidad Piloto
Fall 2017

Developed & delivered for a group of 35 engineers from the Colombian university Universidad Piloto.

Majid Al Futtaim Training of Trainers (TOT) on Sustainability

Eedama held sustainability workshops, created content and delivered a Training of Trainers for Majid Al Futtaim employees in Dubai.

Environmental study for HIVOS

Conducted a study on climate and energy policies and framework as well as the role of civil societies in promoting environmental justice in Lebanon, Jordan and Tunis.

Online Session with Ureka

Global Business Leader Session with Ureka in India.

Training MBA Students

Ureka educational travel, Eedama developed special content for MBA and engineering students from India that are interested in Sustainability and Renewable energies.

UNESCO Summer Training

“Education to sustainable development” summer training. Eedama’s CEO co-delivered a program based on system thinking to a selected group of 40 young Arab leaders for sustainability organized by UNESCO in Beirut.

Sharjah Children Centre

Eedama developed a diploma program on Aquaponics.


Masdar ambassadors
Masdar Ambassadors


Developed a program to coach youth sustainability ambassadors in finding a path in the sustainability field & prepared them for the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week; a global platform for accelerating the world's sustainable development.

Start AD Online Mentoring program


Eedama mentored a group of start ups based at New York University Abu Dhabi, in March 2020.

LLWB – Women Led Start up Training


Developed content related to social entrepreneurship & startups with positive social impact for Lebanese League for Women in Business to deliver a training of 30 days + 10 days of coaching.
Berytech Crisis Management Training

Delivering an online crisis management program, training women-led business and business advisors in Lebanon. The program is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular with Goal 8, decent work and economic growth; and Goal 10, reduction of inequalities.
Various Mentoring Programs
2016 - Ongoing:

Startup, Students and SME’s Mentoring in relation with innovation, environmental sustainability and social entrepreneurship in Science and Innovation Park of the UAE university for several start-ups in Al Ain, Beyond Reform and Development in Bekaa Lebanon.

Buzuruna Juzuruna Training
2018 & 2019:

The environmental crisis & renewable energy, for underprivileged audiences in Buzuruna Juzuruna farm: Eedama developed & delivered in Arabic a day of training divided in 4 sessions successively about: the environment, electricity, solar energy, wind energy. We wrote booklets in Arabic that are publicly available online on Amel Association.

Installations & Design

sustainake ckass
Sustainable Learning Classroom for Um Al Arab School

Currently installing a sustainable learning space, where a classroom was renovated to become a learning classroom for multiple themes of sustainability such as agriculture, energy & water through various features including a Green moss wall, Upcycled sustainable furniture, Environmental library, Aerponics tower, Hydroponics system, Aquaponics system, Solar PV, Moisture & Nutrients Smart devices.
Sustainable visitor space in Zgarta Lebanon

Designed a visitor center based on the user experience and interaction with the environment, The space includes educational spaces, training rooms, & retail spaces. Users will walk through an indoor path where they experience sustainability first hand and learn about the various techniques in agriculture through live installations.
Aquaponics System at Al Khatim School


Designed & Installed the largest Aquaponics System in a UAE school, along with training sessions & maintenance, and multiple awareness events.

Time Square Indoor Courtyard Renovation

Created an indoor landscape renovation that includes permaculture design and a sustainability Learning space.

Al Shawamekh School

Organic Garden design and implementation.

Al Manhal School

Hydroponics system at a School in Abu Dhabi.

Times Square Mall

Time Square Sustainable Educational Indoor Garden in Dubai.

International Community School

Compost system in a school in Abu Dhabi.

Children Center

Aquaponics system at Children Center In Sharjah.