Solar Energy: Technology & Markets (Advanced Program):

Each session will take 1h30 of lesson and 30mins of Questions and Answers. Participants will have the possibility to discuss and ask questions about any solar related topic. Dr Frederic Dross (Vice President, Strategic Development at STS, and Solar Expert) will join some of the sessions to give real time market perspective and his experts insight.

The whole program costs 300AED (100/session) for UAE participants or 90 dollars (30/session) for international participants or 120'000LBP for Lebanese participants (Lebanese participants should contact us if they want to pay cash or by cheque inside Lebanon the payment). Participants will have to undergo a short exam at the end of the program and will receive a stamped certificate in case of success. If you have any question contact us at contact@eedama.org.

This program is an advanced program about solar energy. It will last 3 sessions, each session having a different focus:
➼ Technology
➼ Markets
➼ Public Policies and Home installations